International Workshop on the QuANtum SoftWare Engineering & pRogramming

Talavera de la Reina, Spain, February 11-12, 2020

With the raise of quantum computers, first quantum algorithms came up with promising results. Quantum Computing is becoming more and more a mature area while an investment scalation is happening in this field. Thus, Quantum supremacy is coming, i.e., the point in which quantum computers can solve problems that classical computer practically cannot.

In the next years, companies will progressively need to add quantum computing to some (or all) of their daily operations. It is clear that research community must give an answer to deal with this new challenge. Thus, Software Engineering and Programming practices need to be brought into the domain of Quantum Computing. To achieve this, QANSWER attempts to identify new or existing Software Engineering and Programming methods, techniques and practices that are applicable to Quantum Computing.

Proceedings of the workshop are available here: